How to Build your Personal Library: 5 Ways to Start Collecting Books

With so much extra time spent at home right now, it is the perfect time to start a great book collection.  Nothing makes a room feel homey like having a shelf full of books and a nook to curl up in and read.  Starting any kind of collection can be a daunting task at first, so here are some tips to get your collection going and create the library of your dreams.

Start with your favorites

We’ve all been reading our whole lives, so by this point you are sure to have some favorite books that you would want to read over and over.  With so many of us reading e-books these days, we might no longer have the tangible copies of some of our favorites.  Going through your e-book library and searching out hard copies is a great place to start your collection, that way if you just want to flip through to your favorite part, its right there on hand.

Collect what you enjoy

Whenever starting any kind of collection, its easier to wrap your head around the large task by picking a theme.  Maybe you love novels from by-gone era’s like Paris in the 20’s, books about wars, or even vintage cook books; by setting out with a theme in mind of something that your really enjoy it will help narrow down your selections.

Always be on the lookout

So many of our purchases happen online these days, so that is an obvious place to start your searches.  But there are so many hidden treasures at brick-and-mortar bookstores or flea markets, so whenever you are passing by and have the time it’s always worth popping in to see what they have that sparks your interest and you might find something you didn’t even know you were looking for!

How to Maintain Condition

Once your collection is well under-way, there are some other important tips to keep in mind while you are growing your personal library in order to keep your books in pristine condition so they retain or even grow in value.  Like anything else, environmental factors are important to keeping the integrity of your books.  Be sure they are in a cool space that is not more than 70 degrees, keep them out of direct sunlight so the covers don’t fade, and give them ample breathing room for air flow.  Use this as an opportunity to add in other small objects to fill out your bookshelves that will increase circulation.

Arrange with Intention

Now that you have a beautiful collection of books, it’s time to show them off and create the library of your dreams.  Grouping books by genre, or organizing them by authors’ names are both great places to start.  Color coordinating books is another route which has a fun visual effect and makes a real statement.  Use your library shelves as a place to really tell people what you are interested in.  Show off other personal treasures like artwork or found objects right alongside your new prized book collection for a worldly sophisticated library to be proud of.