How to Revamp Your Living Room with Color

A living room is the most public area of your home so it’s important to really showcase your personality. There’s no better time than now to achieve the perfect aesthetic, cultivating a design that is refined while carrying out your personal taste. If you’re not sure where to start, an easy solution is to add color. Color can completely transform your living space and the effect it has on your guests. Maybe you are not sure how to add color to your living room? Below we have listed areas where pops of color are encouraged, curating a personalized and well balanced living space.

Pastel Curtains

Implementing bold colored curtains is a great way to enhance the style. It adds a quiet touch of vibrancy and bodes well when matched with other pieces in the room, such as lampshades and pillows, for a more cohesive finish.

Furniture as a Statement Piece

Amp up the color in the room by reupholstering a piece of accent furniture. Or, if you’re even more adventurous, the main sofa! This addition is an attention grabber, bringing a bold, confident vibe to the room. To keep it from feeling random, coordinate the color with surrounding textural elements, such as a throw or blanket on furniture sitting opposite your statement piece.

Intrigue with Art

If you are someone who prefers monochromatic furnishings, incorporate personality through artwork. In an otherwise neutral room, the artwork will be highlighted, achieving a unique look while also being a great conversation starter.


If you want to start adding colors to the living room but prefer to express them through smaller details, accessorize with bright lamps and colorful patterned pillows. These are non-permanent features that give you the opportunity to play around with your living room color palette and continue to update as your aesthetic changes.