Color Palette Trends 2019

2019 color palette trends- Christine Markatos Design

This could not be a livelier and more daring year for color. The 2019 color trends are going to bring us rich, spirited, and joyful colors and hues. This spring color palette is empowering and strong, pleasant and inspiring — an incredibly exciting palette to see this year. We’ll take you through a few of our favorites from the spring color palette.

Sweet Lilac

With an infusion of lavender, Sweet Lilac is gentle and generous in our decor and homes. It does an amazing job of being charming, but quietly so. Although sweet and soft, this lilac will bring a pop of color and much needed joyful energy for our home decor.

Sage Green

Spring is all about nature and greenery starting to come to life again outdoor, so we want to honor that inside the home as well.  A soft take on green almost becomes a neutral color and is a great complement to purples.

color palettes for 2019 interiors- Christine Markatos Design

Pale Yellow

The warmth of the sun is shining again and a pale yellow gives a soft glow to any room.  Great for a breakfast nook, it’s a soothing and happy color to bring into the home this spring.


Any design scheme needs a neutral to tie it all together and cream is the perfect tone to complete this pastel spring palette. It’s not as stark as a white which we love in the summer but still fades into the background to let the bolder colors speak.