How to Create the Perfect Gallery Wall

Creating a gallery wall can be a fun and creative process to revamp any room in your home. We have put together a quick checklist on how to make a gallery wall in order to get amazing results you will love.

Choose your Aesthetic 

Picking a specific style for your gallery wall will create a curated atmosphere to show off your tastes and interests. You will want to make sure your gallery wall fits well with the space you are hanging it in. If the room gives off a classic vibe, spaced-out photo frames will be appropriate or try spacing frames five closed fingers apart for a uniform look. You can also decide on a specific color scheme to match the surrounding decor in your room. Experiment by mixing various media such as artwork, photography and wall sculptures. You can find inspiration in interior design magazines and local museums to spark some ideas.

Lay it out 

Laying out your gallery wall before nailing in each frame is a great idea to envision the final product while still being able to make some adjustments. Spread out each gallery piece on a clean floor, beginning with the centerpiece frame and working your way out from there. Mixing around various types of art will create a marvelous wall filled with intrigue and diversity. Hanging similar artwork right next to one another will create a more uniform and tailored look. After configuring an arrangement you love, snap a photo on your phone to reference while your hammering in the frames for the final result.

Create a ‘Rough Draft’ 

To ensure that your gallery wall is ordered correctly and looks how you envisioned, hang up a rough draft on your wall using construction paper. Trace every frame onto the paper, cut them out and place them where you planned on the wall. Make sure it fills the space accommodatingly and is proportional to the wall size before moving on to hang up the real frames.

Hang it up 

Keep your mock-up in place while marking each paper with a pencil where the nail should go. Hammer in each nail directly into the paper, rip the paper away and replace it with the final set of frames. After you are finished, take a step back and marvel in your new gallery wall.