Working From Home? How To Create a Functional, Chic Home Office 

Whether you work from home regularly or on occasion, your workspace should be one that both motivates you and is highly functional. Your home office design can greatly influence your work ethic, so the combination of functionality and style is of utmost importance. Keep reading for some design tips to transform your office into a personal haven and set you up for success.


If possible, build your home office in a room that takes in natural light. The intake of Vitamin D influences your productivity levels while also being a natural mood booster. Decorative light fixtures from a desk light to a pendant above will provide extra lighting to prevent headaches and keep you productive while also acting as design elements in your scheme. 


Storage space is a must-have in any office. Rather than settling for metal filing cabinets, choose a more traditional cabinet style that will provide you with necessary drawer space while giving your work space a warmer feel.

Wall Space

Utilize your wall space with open shelves or a pinboard; both of which act as décor while also helping with productivity and organization. Incorporate art too that will brighten the room and tie into your overall design scheme. 


Contribute to your ergonomic atmosphere with a couple of plants. Plants keep your air clean and add a pop of color, while adding an overall sense of calmness to the room. 


Pick a scheme for your office space that isn’t too bold and distracting but which still sets a mood and keeps you on your toes. Implement the color through painted walls, accent furniture pieces, or upholstered chairs to soften the desk area. 


Using desk accessories and other organization tools will keep your work area neat and help you’re your overall productivity. Whiteboards, Pinboards and calendars are other great tools and fill your wall space as well. If you have open shelves, opt for cute bins or baskets to keep things looking tidy and well organized. 


The desk is the biggest statement piece in the room. All sorts of tables can function as desks, so expand your horizons beyond the office section when browsing. Or even opt for a vintage piece that will add a unique touch to the room and get you excited to work. 


Our comfort is paramount to productivity, so be sure your desk chair is comfortable and ergonomically correct for your body first and foremost. Again, this doesn’t have to be a standard desk chair on wheels, but anything comfortable that suits your needs and achieves your desired look.