Our 5 Favorite Places to Buy Unique Art Online


In an overstimulated world filled with endless realms of artwork it might feel difficult to locate and buy art online that satisfies your creative side and fulfills your home’s distinguishable aura. To underwhelm the process of finding fitting art for your home, these five online destinations include original art for sale, narrowing down the infinite art world offering curated photography, modern prints, abstract paintings and eccentric sculptures.  


Image by Gia Coppola via Tappan

This online shop connects today’s rising artists with interested art collectors around the globe. Tappan’s mission reaches to redefine the approach of uncovering and collecting contemporary art, exceeding expectations by showcasing extraordinary emerging talent through their digital content. Tappan provides an insider’s online look at art exhibitions, taking you inside the artist’s background and details of their finished products available for purchase. The company aims for a distinct aesthetic that embodies tasteful curation catering to personal preference. Glimpses of nature, portraits of everyday life and geometric patterned paintings can be found surfing through Tappan’s products. The site also offers a wide array of framing as an integral part of the art buying experience.


Image by Jarek Puczel via 1stDibs

1st Dibs transfers you into an art world with immediate access to trending, curated art hand picked by professional editors. Paintings, prints, photography, mix media and sculpture are just some of the categories the site provides to narrow down your search options. The art available on 1st Dibs points to extremely abstract concepts and other worldly paintings and pictures. Shopper’s can choose from futuristic prints, scenic oil paints, folk and Asian art and diverse portraits. 1st Dibs’ versatility in their collections ensures that you will discover art which flawlessly suits your home and lifestyle.


Image by Daniel Gordon via M+B

At arrival of M+B’s homepage, you are free to choose from an extensive lineup of artists to discover different pieces to incorporate in your home. Each artist provided by M+B offers their own distinct style and approach to their work ranging from minimalist photography to symbolic paintings blurred with bold color. Some of the artists picked by M+B invent sculptures from wood, glass, and various metals as well as funky furniture alluding to wonder and creativity. M+B opens a new door in the abstract art world utilizing unique media methods devoted to modernity.  


Image by Robert Ryman via Artnet

Buy art online, sell, and research contemporary art at this online chasm filled with creative work from around the world. Artnet provides a simple search engine to find art that satisfies your interests through trending artists and countless galleries. The platform holds auctions for the work of outstanding famous artists such as Frida Khalo and Robert Ryman. At Artnet you will come face to face with fantastical art prints and multiples, vibrant wall sculptures, black and white street photography, and simplistic hand painted scenes.


Image by Takashi Murakami via Artspace

This online spot sells fresh contemporary art providing free advising to help you source the best work for your art collection. On their homepage, Artspace gives you a handful of suggested popular artists and weekly curators’ picks to make the search process less overwhelming. Scroll through the popular works of Japanese contemporary artist, Takashi Murakami, and surrealist, Salvador Dali. Locate realist photography, vintage oil paintings and intriguing sculptural pieces all throughout the site’s infinite art offerings.