Stylish Fireplace Design Ideas

Fireplaces are an essential centerpiece to every home, and a gathering place for entertaining. There are endless creative fireplace designs to go with any home style. Here are some ideas to get you inspired!


In a traditional colonial home, a Brick fireplace surround is a classic choice and will never go out of style. It can be updated by painting it white or by adding a white painted mantle surrounding it as well. A brick fireplace always has a cozy feel and not to mention looks beautiful with a Christmas garland draped over it.

Stone Slab

Channel a minimalistic design with a simple slab fireplace.  For a super modern look just do a flat slab or book-matched slab. If you want it to be a little less modern but still stylish, add a stepped edge detail for a little more character. 

Antique Stone Mantle

There is nothing like a beautifully carved stone Antique mantelpiece to polish off a room. Limestone mantels from Europe create an elegant and timeless design for a formal Living Room area. An over-scaled piece will enhance the look even further. 

Ceramic Tiles

There are so many different beautiful tiles in a million shapes and sizes. Play around with the tile layout to create an interesting textural fireplace wall. Stacked tile will give it a more modern or mid-century modern look, where as a running bond will be more traditional. Shaped tiles in a unique pattern is another route and a great way to create an eye-catching accent wall if the tile is run all the way up to the ceiling.