Exceptional Hotel Interiors to Inspire Your Home & Summer Travel Plans

Vintage-inspired or modern, chic hotels are the epitome of luxurious design to inspire your home decor or possibly as a lavish getaway. To narrow down the endless list of exceptional hotel interiors, we’ve chosen our favorite five around the globe. These ultimate destinations hold some of the best hotel interior designs in the world ideal for summer traveling and home design inspo.

Grand Bohemian Hotel- Mountain Brook, Alabama

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An unlikely combination of gothic, woodland, and contemporary, the Grand Bohemian stands apart from the snobby estates most tourists and locals expect to find in Alabama. The Grand Bohemian lays on gorgeous landscape complete with rich decor of glass chandeliers and marble walls that can be translated into your home for an opulent design scheme.

Arlo NoMad Hotel- New York, New York City

In a city that is packed with a wide range of hotels, Arlo NoMad is stands out among the list. Located just north of Madison Square Park, this supreme lodging is modern and clean having a comfortable home feel. Small rooms are defined by simplicity through stark white walls and smooth wooden furniture, with the city views serving as the best element.  

Hotel Edgar- Paris

Designed by talented artists, designers, and film directors, Hôtel Edgar in Paris reimagines the boutique image with only 13 boldly decorated rooms full of creative character. Each unit is designed with its own theme, inspired from nature, Art Deco, or Scandinavia in the ‘60s. The eccentric establishment is wonderful for a summer vacation as it spills out onto a picture-perfect tree-lined square in Sentier’s Little Egypt.

Hi-Lo Hotel Lobby- Portland, Oregon

Located in Portland, buzzing with creativity and art, this hotel transforms you from everyday life and places you in a dreamlike oasis. The light furniture and spacious design designates the hotel as a place of peace and relaxation. Soft pastels mixed with vivid colors, wood and brass are a satisfying combination present throughout the complex.

Guesthouse in Surry Hills- Sydney, Australia

Sometimes deemed a major design risk, mixing different styles is actually the key to creating a personal and remarkable space to inspire all guests. This hotel in Sydney pulled it off by mixing 1920s Art Deco period with a laid-back 1970s vibe. This sophisticated design can easily be applied to your home and it makes the destination a top contender for best hotel interior designs around the globe.