Design Ideas to Transition your Home to Spring

We’re officially in the throws of Spring and that always means spring-cleaning is on the top of everyone’s mind.  But you can take your spring refresh even further by swapping out some items and incorporating easy breezy spring vibes throughout your home.  Even though right now we can’t get outside as much as we’d like to enjoy the great outdoors, we can bring a bit of the feeling into our homes. 

Bring the Outdoors In

Nothing says spring like a bountiful flower arrangement full of the season’s varietals like Tulips and Poppies.  Place a large arrangement in your entry way to set the stage, and then sprinkle smaller arrangements throughout the rest of your home for little pops of color.  Create a little herb garden on a kitchen window sill; everything tastes more like spring when incorporating fresh herbs – not to mention they smell delicious and look pretty too.  A tree like a Fiddle Leaf Fig or a Rubber Plant make beautiful accent pieces in a Living Room corner and can be used to fill a void the same way furniture might while bringing the outdoors in.  And to hit that last sense – sound – add a wind chime outside your window so you can hear the melodic sounds of nature even when you’re indoors. 

Use Lighter & Brighter Fabrics

Toss off the wintery warmer sofa blankets, and replace them with linen or cotton throws in lighter palette.  Swap out pillows on your sofa or breakfast nook to add a pop of color and create a springy look.  Put away the velvets and wools in favor of printed linens or cotton fabrics that are cool to the touch.  And nothing says spring like a flowing sheer linen curtain blowing in the breeze.  Replacing curtains is not a seasonal task, but you can easily add in a layer of sheer curtains behind the outer layer to create the look.

Spring-Clean the Entryway

Your entry is the first impression that people see when they step into your home and it sets the tone for what’s to come, so take this opportunity to do a good spring clean out of the area and refresh for the new season.  Coats & umbrellas can be put into closets, and swapped out for straw hats on your coat rack.  Get woven abaca baskets for storing shoes, dog leashes or anything else that piles up there; they give a beachy feel and also keep things looking clean and neat.  Add a mirror somewhere in the entry to bring in the light every time the door opens.  Re-style your entry table with some springy elements, even if its just swapping out old family photos.  Add a candle or diffuser with your favorite spring scent, and whenever possible, have a fresh bouquet of flowers for the ultimate spring smell and look.

Refresh the Bedroom

Though we don’t spend many waking hours in our bedrooms, its an important place to always keep looking fresh and neat, so it deserves a spring refresh as well.  Maybe it’s time to turn your mattress to get out of a sleeping rut and give a fresh start to the season.  Ditch your winter bedding and break into your lighter spring set or add in a thin quilt and keep your warmer duvet folded at the end of the bed, or away entirely.  Or if you don’t want a new set of linens, just swap out the decorative pillows for a fresh look.  Clean out your nightstands.  Clutter piles up in nightstands and there are always things to toss, so do a little spring-cleaning and purge.

A fresh coat of paint

One of the simplest home improvement tricks is adding a fresh coat of paint, and goes a long way to achieve a new look.  You won’t believe how many scuffs and marks there are on your walls when you start looking!  Try out a total change up, by painting the front door a happy new color for Spring, or a confined space like an entry way or powder room to make a light airy feel.  Or maybe you have an old piece of furniture that feels heavy and dark and just needs a new coat of paint.