Under the Stairs

under the stairs design ideas- Christine Markatos Design

One of the most exciting parts of design is rethinking what was once wasted space to create the perfect accents to complete a home. Even the most unexpected areas suddenly find purpose, whether it be for extra storage, organization or a cozy nook. Home design in 2019 is inspired by finding these small spaces and turning them into a statement moment in the house. One of the spaces that we enjoy transforming is the space under the staircase.

Reading Nook

Creating a reading nook is a great idea that combines functionality with style. This cozy corner offers under stairs seating and the perfect opportunity to add more color with cushions and pillows. In addition, building drawers underneath creates a place for storage.

Extra Furniture

One of the most brilliant under stairs decor ideas is to take advantage of the space and add more furniture. Even if the stairs are located in an area away from the living room, adding a bold piece of furniture can really pull together the look of the home. A small table with a beautiful vase and books, or even a standing screen can be an interesting addition.

Home Office

Utilize the space to its full potential and create a home office. All it takes is an office chair for under stairs seating and a cool antique desk; to personalize the space, add some artwork. In addition, a great way to de-clutter the space and stay organized is with overhead shelves. Something to keep in mind is that this home office is on display so making sure the aesthetic works with the rest of the home is essential.

Small nooks don’t need to be seen as a waste of space. Even the most unexpected areas have endless potential; all it takes is a little creativity to transform them into what they’re worth.