How to Create More Natural Light In Your Home & Why It’s Important For Your Well-Being

There are many benefits of natural light. As you are exposed to sunlight, you are intaking Vitamin D, which is vital to your overall health. Your sleep is improved, your mood is elevated, and you can be more productive. Flooding your home with light is crucial to your well being and there are many ways in which you can achieve these benefits. Read on to learn how to bring more light into a room and improve your mental health. 

Incorporate Light Color Schemes

Avoid dark colors because they absorb the natural light. Lighter colors, such as soft whites and pale pinks and blues reflect light while adding to the overall light and bright effect.


Opt for lighter toned floors and surfaces that reflect light better. Materials like light wood, painted wood floors, or light stone floors will all work in this way. Area rugs are of course a necessity too, so when possible, incorporate light colored rugs.  

Glossy Finishes

Another way to reflect light within your home is through glossy surfaces, such as kitchen and bathroom counters, floors and backsplashes. The rooms will appear brighter and larger, especially when you continue the light color scheme in the cabinetry and paint choices. 

Glass Doors & Windows

If possible, put in large glass doors and windows to achieve the best natural indoor lighting. Bi-folding doors will bring maximum light into the space and open up the room entirely, creating an indoor/outdoor flow. 


Hang a mirror across from a window and double the amount of light that comes through. It is basically like adding a second window into the room and makes the biggest impact of all of these tricks. 

Light Window Treatments

When looking to bring in more light, opt for sheer curtains to let in an optimal amount of sunshine. Even when they are closed for privacy, the filtered light will brighten the space.