Luxe Outdoor Shower Ideas

If you have been wanting to get that hotel life experience at home, a fun place to start is the addition of an outdoor shower. The best outdoor shower should create a home oasis by intertwining the relaxation of showering with the serene quality one feels when surrounded by nature. Read on to inspire yourself with outdoor shower ideas that best suit you and your home. 

Spa-Inspired Shower

Build your very own spa in the backyard with a Moroccan tile wall that stands out amongst vibrant greenery. Embrace natural elements further by incorporating teak wood in both the flooring and surrounding walls for privacy. 

Rustic Vibes

Add charm to your backyard by building a rustic environment made up of your shower enclosed with dry stone walls and floors or antique reclaimed tiles. Include some time-worn accents, such as a vintage towel hook or a white washed wooden stool for toiletries.


A little can go a long way when it comes to minimalist outdoor shower ideas. Opt for a modernized, floor mounted faucet planted on wood-planked floors. Utilize lush greenery in place of doors to create privacy. 

Tropical Getaway

Create your own vacation by curating a tropical oasis with lava-rock walls juxtaposed with bamboo slatted flooring and of course rich lush greenery. 

Make it Zen 

Meet your dark stone walls with a lighter shaded stone flooring to create a zen-like atmosphere. Add contrast with wood elements and the inclusion of candles to add a final peaceful touch.  

Beach Feels

If you are striving for a more coastal look, enclose your shower with white painted slatted or lattice walls. Place rattan patio furniture nearby to enhance your casual beach aesthetic and a glass tile accent wall in blues and greens.