Summer Home Decor Trends 2019

Summer is quickly approaching which means it’s time to expand your horizons and incorporate some of the top summer home décor trends before it’s too late. Whether they be permanent or temporary touches, a new season is a time to change things up and keep your house up to current. Below we have listed a few summer trends to make sure your house is ready for entertaining.

Invigorate with Color

If you have been toying with the idea of bringing colorful textiles into your home, the time is now. Refresh your home with splashes of color through throw pillows, lampshades, or even rugs. Blend your pieces into the existing room schemes by picking up on existing colors and then picking either more of the same or complementary colors. If you have a subtler taste, try it in a throw blanket for less commitment. 

Window Treatments

Lighten up the room by switching out your dark curtains with something that is lighter and brighter. Or, add a layer of sheer curtains for a breezy look. By doing this, you are still able to interfere intense summer heat from coming in while also allowing the sunshine to light up the room.

Spruce up the Outdoors

Summer months are about spending more time in the great outdoors. This is the perfect opportunity to update your backyard with pieces such as cute outdoor poufs, some new throw pillows, or repotting in bright fun planters. 

Household Accessories

If you aren’t looking to make any drastic changes, take the opportunity to add summery accessories to your home. Think a beachy indigo throw, fresh wall art with findings from summer travels, or eclectic coffee table accents that give a pop of color.

Floral Prints

Add some playful summer home décor with funky floral prints. Whether its a patterned pillow, a new bed blanket, or even summer serving dishes, these cheery additions will influence the overall summery feel of the room.