Small Bedroom Ideas That Maximize Coziness 

A bedroom doesn’t have to be huge to still feel like a special respite in your home. There are countless ways to transform a tiny space into the bedroom of your dreams. Read below for cozy bedroom ideas for small rooms. 

Bold Colors 

Embrace the small room and opt for a bold paint or wallpaper to create an intimate jewel-box feel. Deep blues are rich but still soothing for a bedroom.  

Under Bed Storage 

No one likes to be surrounded by clutter as they try to relax in bed. Make your room neat and comfortable by storing overflow items underneath your bed to be kept away until needed. This will make more space for more significant items to be displayed within the smaller bedroom. 

A Statement Wall  

A wall covered in large portraits or vivid art will enhance your space by creating a salon like feel. Or, wallpaper the wall behind your bed in lieu of a traditional headboard and footboard to gain a little extra space.

A Statement Light Fixture 

A dazzling chandelier or sculptural hanging pendant will add sophistication and elegance to any room. When you’re lacking space in a room, might as well take advantage of the space right above you too! 

A Bed Canopy  

A sheer canopy will seemingly heighten the walls and ceiling of your compact room, while transforming your bed into a marvelous private oasis.  


Stick to a more neutral soft palette and add textures through to achieve a cozy feel.  Rich fabrics and attention to detail will make the room seem sophisticated and stylish so you’ll forget all about the size.