10 Easy Ways to Decorate Blank Walls 

When it comes to wall decor to cover large spaces, the options are endless. Think of the wall as a blank canvas to transform into a space of creativity and inspiration. Below are ten simple ideas for how to decorate a large blank wall. 

Incorporate Plants 

Bring a bit of outside into your home with plants to create a calm and peaceful sense of nature. Hanging plants at varying heights draws attention to the wall, while making a lovely whimsical statement in the living space. Or, plant a large potted tree to take up one side with art paired next to it covering the rest.

Incorporate a Cabinet 

A large empty wall is a perfect space to implement a big cabinet to showcase your personal treasures like fine china, books and found objects. Top the cabinet with a row of large vessels for even more interest up high. 

Display Artwork  

Whether it be your own work of art or that of your favorite artists, creating a gallery wall with is a wonderful use of a large open space. It’s a great way to start an art collection without have to splurge on big statement pieces, and it can always keep growing and expanding.  

Use Similar Framework 

If you choose photos or paintings as your blank wall decor, create a curated look by framing each piece in the same shape and colored frame. Framing pieces of artwork in gold will give your space the feel of a Parisian salon, while all white simple frames will be a more modern gallery look.

An Eye-Catching Mirror 

Fill the space on your blank wall by hanging a sculptural or large mirror. Mirror decor will create the illusion of a larger space without being a huge color commitment that can come with art.  

A Statement Fireplace  

Every home can benefit from a fireplace and it creates a real focal point in a room. Opt for marble for a sleek look, or a beautiful tile for a pop of color. 

Hang Decorated Plates 

Antique plates of various sizes and shapes and bursting with color are a wonderful option for a large kitchen wall.  

Hang Bookshelves 

Books can be used for more than just reading. Stack simple modern bookshelves on your wall inviting your guests to open up your collection and be inspired. Color coordinating them can also create an eye-catching artful statement. 

Wall Sculptures  

Give your wall a 3D element with wall sculptures pertaining to your own interests and tastes. A sculpture can bring a pop of color and artistic element to your blank canvas and added dimension.  

Hang a Tapestry  

Putting up a tapestry is a quick and simple way to filling up a blank wall. Hang it from a wooden dowel for a more finished look.