Outdoor Rooms to Inspire Summer Entertaining

Your very own outdoor oasis awaits with inspiration from the following outdoor “rooms” ideal for summer entertainment. Comfy seating, spirited decoration and a plethora of potted flowers and greenery all contribute to a stylish and welcoming outdoor space that is sure to wow your guests. With these various outdoor set-ups, summer entertaining ideas are easily accessible and inspirationally endless.

Outdoor Living Room

To perfect a sense of a real outdoor living space cozy enough to spend long hours under the stars, real furniture is key. Fluffy floor pillows, ottomans, couches and lounge chairs all made of soft performance fabrics give the image and feel of an indoor living room with the luxury of enjoying outdoor pleasures. A covered porch or patio with vaulted ceilings and hanging lanterns extending from the entrance way of the home create an effortless transition and satisfying flow from inside to out.

Pool Party Ready

Pool party season is fast approaching, so be sure you have your space prepped and ready to for splish splashin’. An often overlooked feature are umbrellas, not only for the glorious shade they provide on a hot day, but they can also be a great place to spice up your décor with fringed canopies and colorful stripes. A fresh set of funky pool towels is another great way to add a pop of color and give your pool chaises a new look. A plain terrace can also be transformed into a jungle scene using an abundance of green vines, luscious plants and bright flowers climbing up any walls, columns and other structures encompassing the terrace. Cover your terrace with potted trees, shrubs and herbs to establish a strong sense of nature. Contrast the outdoor decor with complimenting furnished seating of plush couches and daybeds covered in throw pillows.  

Dining Terrace

A covered terrace provides the groundwork for the best outdoor entertainment ideas commonly marked with extensive views and wide floor space leaving room for al fresco dining and summer soirees. A long wood farm table is often a beautiful contrast to the greenery around and gives a sense of a communal table meant for entertaining. Antique French metal garden table sets are also a great way to showcase a unique style. Keeping the space well lit through string bistro lights and hanging lanterns is another fabulous way to set the mood and ensure long nights of sipping wine with friends.