Curating Art that Suits Your Space


A stale interior can be revived by curating art that adds personality and style to your home. When thinking about how to choose art for your home, consider how to best represent characteristics of your personality and what you find attractive, sentimental or aesthetically pleasing. Do you like color or do you prefer black and white imagery? Do you gravitate towards portraits and landscapes rather than abstract works? These are some of the questions to reflect upon.     

One artistic category to consider is photography. Perfect your home with photos in a uniform manner choosing identical frames for each photograph, organizing them in a collage on a blank wall. Play around with black and white photography, various frame size and color, and types of shots to find a collection that suits you. Perhaps a memory wall of family members and friends channels your ideal home aesthetic. For a more artistic stance, try a set of landscape or abstract prints, configuring them in your space any way you choose. Remember to consider your interests; whether you are attracted to nature, fashion or luxury your photo wall should speak to your soul to make you feel right at home.

Choosing artwork for your home can also come in the form of curating creative sculptures and vases which, in turn, will effortlessly increase the artistic flair present in your home. Research sculptors, finding ones that pertain to your personal intrigue and wonder. Perhaps pick out a small set of sculptures from one artist that vary in size and shape. Choose bold colors that compliment one another. Having various sized symbolic sculptures near one another sets up a stage for admirable diversity inside your home. A vase collection also offers variability in the home when it comes to size, shape, pattern and display. A set of glass vases leaves room for creativity when choosing what to show off in the clear holders. Line up three identical glass vases on a window sill placing a bunch of your favorite flowers in each for a uniform look pertaining to a natural art scene.