Lighting For Every Room

Not every home is built the same, some are palatial with luscious, high ceilings and others are modern and edgy with long, low
ceilings. These details impact the way we design our homes, especially when it comes to lighting design and indoor lighting ideas. When you have lower ceilings, the decorative lighting options begin to narrow very quickly to flush mounts. The good news is flush mount designs are far more exciting and eclectic than you might have experienced in your past. The best flush mount lights are ones that are clean and simple in an interesting shape.

light fixtures for rooms- Christine Markatos Design


The idea is to select a simple flush mount light but have a key detail that makes it unique. For example, a flush mount light that we love is the quatrefoil shape. There is something traditional and beautiful about this light especially when grouped down a long hallway or in a dressing room.


Another one of our favorite styles is the scalloped edge on any shape flush mount from round to square. It adds a flirty and feminine touch but is a classic form that goes with most décor styles. This is definitely more of a statement piece with quite a bit of personality, so consider using these in an entry vestibule or a powder room.

interior design light fixtures- Christine Markatos Design


For more transitional or traditional homes, one might like the bell shaped flush mount lights that come in galvanized steel as well as bronze. These are perfect shape to consider for your closets or laundry room lighting.

Whether you want to play up your lighting with grand details for an elegant first impression or if you’d like a simple and subtle touch to your home light design, the best flush mount lights are available in many shapes and finishes.