Buying Guide: What Every Sophisticated, Efficient Home Office Needs

Being able to work from home certainly has its pros: no commute, better lunches, a comfortable space, etc. However, it can be a difficult transition for many if it is not what they are used to or if they don’t have a good home office set up. Going from home mode to work mode can feel troublesome, but having a home office that makes you feel driven and empowered can change just that. Both functionality and design are important when setting up a home office for remote work, so we have put together a list of home office necessities to increase productivity and make life easier. 

Ergonomic Office Chairs

Catch yourself straining your neck or slumped over at your desk? Opt for an ergonomic office chair to fix just that. Designed for maximum lumbar support, you will notice an ease in back pain, which then in turn increases your focus on tasks at hand. They come in all sorts of fun colors and a huge range in price from sites like Modern One up through Design Within Reach.


When setting up a home office, the desk is the staple furniture piece. Investing in a desk that makes you feel professional and comfortable will greatly benefit your work. All sorts of tables can serve as a desk too, so keep your options open when searching for your perfect fit. For those who have trouble sitting down all day, look into purchasing a standing desk instead! Standing desks are known to positively influence your health. 

Desk Lamps

Ample lighting at your desk is a necessity so you don’t strain your eyes. Even though this piece is functional, it can also be decorative. A fun ceramic table lamp with pretty shade will add some major style points to your desktop. If you need more direct light for close up work, opt for a vintage style task lamp in an antique brass finish for a sophisticated look.  


For some, listening to music while working can positively influence their productivity. Choose a bluetooth speaker that won’t take up too much space but is an accessory at hand if you’re feeling in the mood for some music therapy. 

Wall Colors

Painting the walls and even the ceiling in soft pale blues or greens is shown to increase productivity and create a calming atmosphere. These tones also lighten and brighten a space reflecting light sources.  


Plants are not only just good for home office decor, but for your health as well. Plants filter the air you breathe, naturally brighten up rooms, are therapeutic, and very easy to maintain. 

Storage Space

Get creative with your storage and opt for a dresser or bookshelf with decorative bins rather than traditional filing cabinets. It will add a personal touch to the room while keeping your workspace organized. 


Now that you have the essential pieces in your office, don’t forget to add some accessories that will make it feel complete. . Hanging pictures up that make you feel inspired is a great way to personalize a  workspace. Find a stylish rug to add some more color into the room alongside a comfortable chair for times where you have visitors or simply just need a break.