Window Treatments That Transform Your Living Space

Window treatments are arguably the most important aspect of every home. Not only are they functionally necessary, but they are integral to a room’s overall décor. So, how do you choose curtains for a major space in your home like a living room? Read on to get inspired with our list of living room curtain ideas.

Keep it Clean with Roman Shades

For a more streamlined look, roman shades are the way to go. By neatly folding at the top of a window, they create a cleaner, modernized look while having a more casual presentation than that of tall drapes. When choosing your fabric, stick with a lighter material so that it pleats better. In addition to their sleek appearance, they only really cover the width of the window, so they’re the perfect candidate for a room with limited wall space.

Dramatize with Tall Drapes

The use of tall drapes creates a rich contrast within a room. The ideal hanging length is to just kiss the floor which makes for a stylish addition while still feeling tailored. They are a beautiful way to frame a window or pair of doors creating a line of site to the exterior spaces. The metal hardware necessary for curtains also allows you to tie them into the décor by complementing finishes of door hardware or lighting.  


Privacy is a big factor when it comes to window coverings, and sheers are often a great solution to create maximum privacy while still allowing light to come through. A soft, textural white linen sheer is always an easy choice and then you can still go for more style with the outer layer of curtains that remain open most of the time. In a room like a living room or family room, a sheer is often enough, but in bedrooms or media rooms you’ll want to add another outer curtain layer that can be drawn to create a dark environment.

Stylize with Patterns & Color

Colored and patterned fabrics can become an important element in any space by bringing a playful, personalized touch. To seamlessly blend your patterned curtains within the room, paint your walls in one of the tones found within your fabric. Or, you can add accents to the room, such as throw pillows or blankets, with colors corresponding to those used in your curtains.