Children’s Bedroom Decor Ideas

A child’s room is a unique place in the home since it doesn’t need to fit into the rest of your home’s style or decor. It is a free area to create a fun and comfortable space; whether they prefer an eccentric theme or like to keep it simple, it is important to keep their space imaginative and fitting to their personalities. Below we have listed some staple décor suggestions to help get you started. 

Playful Rooms

To create a lively atmosphere, choose vibrant colors. Correlate the bright hues found in the curtains with statement pieces found within the room, like the bed frame or dresser. Plush pillows and shaggy rugs make for great textural accents. To keep things organized, make sure to incorporate a cute toy chest or decorative bins for the toys to be stored.  

Sharing a Room

Bedroom ideas for kids sharing a room can differ depending on the size. To save space, bunk beds are the way to go. They are fun for the kids but also allow for more room to play. Or, keep the room feeling polished with identical beds and matching décor, such as bed side tables and lamps. 


Go bold with a unique wallpaper. Polka dots, stripes, floral- no matter what you choose, your child’s room is sure to make a statement. Or, embellish the curtains with your pattern of choice while paired with an upholstered window seat. Continue with a similar color scheme throughout to maintain the sense of balance.  

Older Children 

When it comes to kids room ideas for the older children or teens, utilize their favorite colors in a more monochromatic fashion. Use a deep shade as an accent wall to add some necessary contrast, with alternating shades throughout the rest of the room. Framed wall art of their choice will make the room feel personalized while also maintaining the mature vibe.