Bedroom Design Ideas for Kids 2021: Ideas, Inspiration & Tips

When designing your child’s bedroom, it’s fun to be creative and daring with your design choices.  It’s the one room that doesn’t have to match with the rest of the home and can be a world of its own.  Because of this, sometimes it can be challenging to know exactly which direction to go when starting to think about the design.  But with any room having a plan from the outset will help ensure that the room is cohesive and has a point of view.

Choosing a Theme for Your Child’s Bedroom

Choosing a theme is a great way to help the room design feel purposeful and help get you started off in a specific direction for your design scheme.  Look to your child for inspiration in coming up with the theme for the room, but since their tastes are constantly changing, avoid letting a single favorite character or animal take over the entire theme.  Try and make the theme more general, for example a favorite color or perhaps florals or a vintage Americana theme.  

Making the Most of Your Space

We all know the quantity of toys and things that kids have is endless, so you want to be sure and be strategic when arranging the layout of your room to ensure there is enough space for all the toys, for room to play, room for schoolwork, and for the essential furniture pieces.  You will need a bed, of course, but one good space saver is to have the bed tucked into a corner of the room rather than centered on a wall like in an adult’s room. This trick will provide much more floor space!  Also, for a slightly older child you could consider a loft bed with play space or desk space underneath.  Rather than a nightstand, perhaps use the dresser or a desk next to the bed for dual purpose.  For lounge space, consider bean bag chairs or other softer style lounge furniture that can be piled up or shoved in a corner to make room for more play space when not in use.

Ideas for Personal Touches

  • A bulletin board is a great contained spot for them to pin their own personal mementos
  • Frame some of their finer works of art 
  • Family photos framed on the bookcase or dresser
  • Chalk paint on a door can be a fun place for them to express themselves as they get older