Home Office Inspiration: 10 Work-At-Home Spaces That Will Inspire Productivity (& Wow Everyone On Your Zoom Conference)

Stuck in quarantine, away from the hustle and bustle of the outside world, many will find their inspiration and creativity quickly dwindling. Don’t let isolation get the best of you, instead take this time to transform your at-home workspace into a creative space that will keep your imagination flowing all day long. 

We put together a list of home office design ideas for different aesthetic viewpoints and something for everyone to transform your space and add personality. 

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If there is one place to be minimal, it’s in an office. A minimal workspace design with clean white walls, furniture and surfaces will help you get rid of any physical or mental clutter so you can approach your work with a fresh mindset and room to breathe. Add a stack of your favorite coffee table books to peruse  when your creativity is running low. Fresh flowers can also serve as pops of color in an otherwise neutral space. 

Pops of Color 

If you are a fan of color, there is no reason not to bring that into your office space too. Decorate your workspace with your favorite colors using vases, colorful chair pillows, and a bold rug. Your office will be anything but boring. 


To help you feel inspired while you work, add some personality with playful patterns and framed prints to hang on any blank walls. Funky paintings and playful decor will create an uplifting, cheery and stress-free environment


Step away from the internet and stay inspired with a large collection of books displayed in your home office. Paint the bookshelves a statement color, like deep blue or bright orange, for an eye catching centerpiece. 


For a uniform look that will help you stay organized each day as you work from home, create a monochromatic workspace using furniture and paint with soothing colors. Light blues and greens will keep your mind at ease and help you focus on the work to be done. 

Gallery Wall 

Instead of scrolling through social media for images that inspire creativity, create your own collection of beautiful images with a gallery wall in your home office. Use various frames, paintings and photographs that suit your interests and help you stay inspired. It can be an ever-rotating gallery wall with fresh inspiration weekly, or add in artwork from your kids. 

Bold Rug 

Every home office should have a cozy rug to rest your feet on as you work away. Whether it’s a vintage rug for a more traditional office style, a Moroccan shag rug for a more playful look, or a preppy stripe, a great rug is the perfect way to tie the room together. 


Take advantage of working from home to  make a really cozy space for yourself. Adding a reading nook or small sitting area to round out your office space and make you never want to leave