Beautiful Bathtub Ideas for a Stylish Space 

A bathtub should be a welcome way to relieve stress from your busy daily routine. When it comes to creating your personal bathroom oasis there are endless bathtub ideas that will satisfy your expectations while creating an elegant space you will love.  

Pop of color  

A brightly colored bathtub against an all-white bathroom decor makes it all the more inviting while adding a bit of fun to the simple space. Try for metallic silver or a deep blue tone for an unexpected pop. . You can also add a burst of color to your bathroom by selecting a colorful fabric for the window treatment in a room with a white freestanding bathtub. 


For a sleek contemporary look go for a sculptural freestanding tub. The tub’s simplistic design will allow you to experiment with more lavish decor around your bathroom.  

Black & White  

Your bathtub doesn’t have to be just one color. A tub with a white interior and black exterior incorporates a touch of traditional style to your bathroom while simply tying the small space together.  

Marble Exterior 

There are so many unique bathtubs to choose from, but one lined with a smooth marble finish fits well in any bathroom. A marble tub is perfect for all bathtub shapes and will add a polished feel to your space.  

White Matte Tile 

Perfect for a built in bathtub, matte white tile works as a wonderful unifying material. Chose one shape such as a brick for the wall backsplash and another shape such as a hexagon for the floor. The simplicity of a single material will open up a small bathroom space, making for an overall clean and classic look. 

Glass Shower Door 

Complete your built in bathtub with a clear operable glass door mounted with hinge clips instead of a shower curtain for a more modern aesthetic. 

No matter what bathtub ideas spark your personal interest, each of these designs will effortlessly enhance your bathroom based on style and comfort.