9 Gorgeous Rooms with French Doors We’re Inspired By

French doors offer an elegant and timeless welcoming to any room in your home. They effortlessly expand a space, creating a large entry-way complete with clean glass windows. Here are 10 french door ideas we are inspired by that will give your home the perfect makeover. 

French Patio Doors 

Living room french doors that open up to a patio space is a pleasant design to host backyard parties and get togethers. Friends and family will marvel at your outdoor set up through clear windows, while standing on the inside anticipating the patio beyond. . 

Wrought Iron French Doors 

Wrought iron gives a sense of modernity while remaining a classic element inside one’s home. Go for a tall narrow glass light  to compliment the thin black rods that structure the glass door.  

Window-Paneless French Doors

For a complete unobstructed look, look out an important space in your house to a back yard or an amazing scenic view. French doors without the distraction of millions disrupting the view is the ultimate choice. 

White French Doors with Window-Panes 

The color white goes with nearly any home decor and can establish a clean and satisfying monochrome look. 

Rounded Arch French Doors 

For a period look, french doors with a rounded frame can be incorporated into various spaces throughout your home. This can be a fun look into a Library or a wine room for drama. 

Sliding French Doors 

Ideal for an in-home office or kitchen cabinet, sliding french doors offer easy access to the other side while keeping a chic appeal. Try for all glass french doors to create an illusion of a larger more open space. 

Windowless French Doors 

To incorporate some privacy in wall cabinetry, use uniform french doors with no windows. This design works best for large cabinets throughout your home, closets and front doors, leaving guests to wonder what is on the other side. 

Country Blue French Doors 

To capture a sense of vintage style and soothing feelings, paint french doors leading to the outdoors a sage green. Green gives off calming effects while easily blending into the outdoor space.  . 

Intricate Window-Pane French Doors 

For a funky addition inside your home, add some personality with french doors that are decorated with a distinct window-pane design. Eyes will be drawn directly to doorspace acting as an interior statement piece.