2019 Kitchen Renovation Trends 

A kitchen represents the hub of most family households, so form and function are essential when considering remodeling your space. After functionality, aesthetic details hold the power to transform your kitchen into a contemporary and creative space catered to your personal style. Before deconstructing your kitchen, envision your ideal end result; what is missing and what needs to go?

kitchen design trends- Christine Markatos Design


Countertops are a great starting point in the planning process and can dictate an entire kitchen atmosphere. Marble counters never go out of style, they’re a gorgeous surface and a great worktop for a more traditional kitchen. Stainless steel or butcher block counters are a great choice for a center island, creating a contrast in material and more durable work zone. Surround more neutral colored counters with unexpected color, such greens or blues, avoiding the dying 2018 trend of an ‘all-white kitchen’. Adding vibrant pops of intensifies the energy in a room, commonly evoking positive emotions.

Cabinetry & Appliances

A more transitional cabinet profile, free of any extra moldings and in a smooth satin finish creates a clean and neat kitchen design. A more interesting cabinetry design with feet can be used on an island as a way to define it as a piece of furniture rather than just part of the surrounding built-in cabinetry. Sleek stainless steel appliances are easy to clean and fit right into more modern and transitional kitchen styles. Under-the-counter appliances enforce the minimalist memo by decluttering tabletop space and putting devices like microwaves and miniature fridges out of sight A cleaner setting allows for relaxation in a room that is so often filled with cooking and chaos.

kitchen renovation trends- Christine Markatos Design


Think of hardware as the jewelry for the room and a great way to define the style of a space.  From oversized pulls which create a real modern feel, to bail pulls for a farmhouse feel, to brass hardware giving a glam look; there is something for every look. Playing with hardware finishes is a fun way to mix things up in the kitchen too; so don’t feel like the hardware has to match the faucet or appliances.