Outdoor Living

Outdoor Living

Consider your outdoor space as just another – and likely largest — room of your home, worthy of designing just as beautifully and with as much care as the rest. Whether you are splurging for a total renovation of your yard or just some upgrades, put in the time to create your dream outdoor living space.

Outdoor Living Renovation 

When starting to plan your outdoor living space renovation, it’s important to think of it as an extension of the rest of your home, so materials used and the style of the furnishings should be in line with your interiors. A major thing to consider when starting your renovation would be the various functions you need the space to serve; from outdoor dining to areas for kids to play and everything in between. And in terms of the actual design, start with your main hardscape material which should work well with the other materials used on the exterior of your home. From there build upon that with complementary materials for areas like the BBQ or a Firepit to create contrasts. Then from there move on to your furniture planning to maximize seating and optimize views. 

Outdoor Living Upgrades 

Smaller outdoor living space upgrades can also be really fun and have a huge impact on your overall yard. Some smaller projects to consider might be the addition of a Firepit, or perhaps a new pergola and additional decorative lighting for your Dining Area. Whatever the upgrades are, just be sure they make sense with the design aesthetic of the rest of your outdoor space.

Outdoor Kitchens 

Creating your dream outdoor kitchen might just be the ultimate outdoor living space renovation to turn your back yard from ordinary to extraordinary. Be sure to think about all the details from your countertop material that will wear well, to the perfect size grill, to additional bar seating. Don’t forget to consider the elements as well, so be sure you have enough shade overhead and possibly a ceiling fan, and ample lighting so you can see when you’re cooking at night!


Outdoor landscape design is the other crucial part of the exterior design of your home and is just as important as the hardscaping. The landscaping sets the mood of the home whether you are going for a minimal aesthetic with a rock garden and succulents, or a lush tropical vibe with big banana trees and palms, or a traditional European garden with roses and topiaries. Also be sure to have ample lighting to make your landscaping shine!

Patio & Deck Remodel Ideas

Your patio or deck are truly extensions of the home, both in the front and the back and thus should really create a beautiful transition from the indoors to the outdoors. The flooring selected could even be a continuation of the flooring you have inside to create a real indoor/outdoor flow. Most importantly for your patios and decks, be sure you have plenty of shade overhead so you can use the space all day long and into the cooler nights as well.