Home Theater

Home Theater

There are certainly some considerations when designing a home theater that are unique to this type of room, so do your research before diving in and consult with a home theater specialist for all those technical details. But In terms of the design, here are some ideas to get you inspired!

Designing the Perfect Home Theater

While it is always safe to continue with the same style as the rest of the home when tackling a new project, this is one room that doesn’t necessarily need to relate, so let your imagination run wild. For a room like this, the seating is really the only main furniture to figure out, so deciding how many people you plan to seat should be step one. From a large sectional that fills the whole room, to an assortment of sofas and lounge chairs, or a more traditional theater set up with rows of seats. If you have a large enough space consider including a bar area for snacks and drinks as well.

Consider Lighting & Sound

Acoustics are a major factor in a home theater, so it is important to keep that in mind when designing this space. Even if the rest of your home has wood floors, it is a must for the theater to be carpeted or mostly covered with area rugs. Sound bounces off of walls and ceilings as well, so upholstered walls are a great way to minimize that while adding a design element.

Lighting is another main consideration when designing this space, as it needs to be functional first and foremost. The more lighting options in the space the better, so you can achieve the perfect amount of darkness, and most importantly everything should be on dimmers. When selecting ceiling lights, keep in mind that you’ll most likely need to go with flush mounts so that nothing is hanging down to block the screen. Wall sconces and lighting on steps are important as well as they can provide ambient light that can be kept on during the movie and also help to illuminate the walk-ways on the outer perimeter of the room. 

Finishing Touches

After your main pieces are selected, it is the finishing touches that can really turn the room into a fun home theater experience. Add in cozy blankets and throw pillows, make sure you have plenty! And if you have room for a snack bar, consider a popcorn machine and candy jars to create the ultimate home theater experience for your family and friends.