How to Build Your Art Collection

A personal art collection is a true lifelong journey and the best way to fill your home is with pieces you love. Collecting artwork can be an ongoing process as you want to take the time to curate pieces to complement one another as well as your individual tastes and décor of your home. Starting an art collection requires  research of different artists that appeal to you to learn about their various works. First, consider what type of art collection you would like to build; whether it be an assembly of oil paintings, a group of modern sculptures or a delightful mix of different media. Read below to find out the best ways on how to collect art. 

If you love looking at it, buy it

When it comes to art collecting you don’t need a strong argument or explanation as to why you want to include a certain piece in your home. If a piece speaks to you and pulls at your emotions, then trust your instincts and go ahead and buy it, worry about finding a place for it later, or design a room around the piece! 

Follow your favorite artists on social media 

Yes, visiting museums gives you an idea of what an artist’s tastes, but take a deeper dive into an artist by following their work on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. You will be able to get a glimpse at new artwork right on your screen, as the artist personally shares what they have created. The type of artists you follow on social media will also help you in curating your collection based on the common artists’ qualities. 

Position and framing matter 

 Presentation is of the utmost importance. Do not try to get too fancy with distracting frames or mounts that take away from the artwork itself. Think of your art collection as a museum exhibit and opt for simple framing and positioning techniques that highlight the art’s true beauty.