5 Ways to Make Your Kitchen Space More Sociable

In almost every home, the kitchen is the hub of the household.  It is the room where everyone ends up hanging out together, whether its to keep the cook company, doing homework at the kitchen table, or just snacking, it is always the place to be.  There are some homes and kitchens that are more naturally suited to this than others though, so if you want to make sure your kitchen is able to function as the hub of your household, here are some ways to push it in that direction.

Open Up the Space

An open floor plan, or even just partially open kitchen will inevitably create a more social atmosphere.  Consider knocking down a wall of your kitchen to open it up to the family room or dining room, or both!  This way if you are in the kitchen cooking and your kids are sitting in the den on the couch, you are basically all still in the same room.  

Bring In More Light

No one wants to hang out in a dark space, so to encourage more socializing in his room be sure you have good light.  Perhaps you have heavy window coverings that can be swapped out for sheers.  Maybe you can add a skylight or even a whole new window.  French doors to the outside creating an indoor/outdoor feel would let in the light and more air.  Also breaking down walls and opening up a closed off kitchen will inevitably let more natural light into the space.  And worst case scenario, if you don’t want to do any work, just get great overhead lighting!

Add a Social Hub (Islands and Barstools)

Adding an Island to a kitchen is a sure-fire way to create a more social atmosphere.  Perhaps you can break down a wall and get space to build an island instead which can still get you cabinet space below as well as seating…a win win!  The island makes for such a great social hub because it encourages conversation since people can stand on all four sides.  When you entertain, the island can be a place to put out all of your appetizers and then everyone is sure to gather there.  Make sure you have barstools so people can pull up a seat, but that can push all the way under so there is also room to stand.

Don’t Forget Comfort & Practicality

If you want people to hang out in the kitchen, be sure that the seating is both ample and comfortable.  Barstools at an island can have nice seat cushions or padded seats, can swivel to encourage conversation, and can even have backs for added comfort.  Chairs at the kitchen table should also be comfortable and not too heavy so they can easily be pulled in and out.  Be sure you are getting chairs and stools that are the right heights for your tables too, an easy mistake to make!

Banquette or Eating Nook, or window seat

Try adding a banquette or eating nook into the kitchen.  This cushion sofa style seating will make everyone feel instantly at home in the kitchen and welcome to hang.  Because of the bench style seating, you can always squeeze more people in too if needed.  Add some throw pillows too for extra comfort and style!